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March 2009
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As some of you are aware, a recent “election” in Zimbabwe has ushered in another term for Robert Mugabe.  The current economic state of Zimbabwe is dismal, and some have suggested that if Big Business was enticed to make use of Zimbabwe’s significant mineral deposits, the daily lives of Zimbabweans would significantly improve.  So my question to you is two-fold.


Firstly, do believe you Big Business is beneficial to people living in third world countries (why or why not)?

Secondly, if countries like Zimbabwe are in the control of dictatorial regimes, should socialist concepts be widely used?

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A'ight, let's kick this off!

I'm collecting my political ideas in a wiki on my own computer. One of the things I'm working on is definitions for all the political "isms". Here's my definition of socialism:

Socialism is a theory of government which states that one of the legitimate functions of government is to play an active role in shaping society, either by effecting or preventing social change. Socialism is conceivably compatible with a wide spectrum of ideals ranging from libertarianism to totalitarianism and egalitarianism to elitism. Historically, however, most socialist states have been totalitarian and elitist.

What do you think?

All right, to get the ball rolling here, I've drafted some community rules for you all to take a look at.  Critique (and proofread!) as you wish.

Additionally, I'd like to ask you all to advertise around a little bit. I've done so myself, with relative success, but before we can really start talking about things we'll have to grow a bit more.

To keep things moving, I would like to do weekly discussions based on central questions.  I've got a few in mind, and you're all more than welcome to contribute questions you like the community as a whole to discuss.

Community Conduct

1) Be polite: While you are not required to respect the opinions/actions of others, you are required to polite to all members and the community as a whole.  No flaming, no trolling, no personal attacks, no excessively offensive remarks. You may criticize and disagree in accordance with the Community Conduct rules.

2) Show restraint: Discussions can get heated, egos can be wounded, and tempers can flare.  When responding or posting try to do so in a calm and collected manner.  Don't be too quick to judge or rebuttal; question, investigate, and attempt to take an empathetic point-of-view.

3)  Keep it relevant: Although this community is intended to cover a wide range of topics, posts without some justifiable relevance to Socialism may be removed.  Do not bring personal issues to the community unless the they are relevant.  Photos, stories, hobbies, events, and the like will be tolerated as long as this rule is kept in mind.

4) Ask the mod(s): If you have questions regarding the appropriateness of a subject, post, or material, bring it to the mods.  If you have a quarrel with another member(s) bring it to the mods.  If you believe some sort of conduct violation is taking place, bring it to the mods.  Bring it to the mods first. If they fail to provide a response that is sufficient in your mind, you may attempt to bring that issue to the community as a whole.

Moderator Guidelines

1) This is a democracy:  Actions, on the part of the mods, criticized by the majority of the community are to be reversed.  Moderators are to follow the rules just as other members are, failure to do so will bring repercussions equal to those a standard member would receive.

2) Mediate; don't arbitrate: The duty of a moderator is to uphold the values of community and maintain and order.  Moderators do not make the decisions; they facilitate the decision making process. Moderators do not determine Community Conduct they enforce it.

3) Balance & Neutrality: During discussion Mods are to remain neutral as possible, and make use of their power only when a Conduction violation has occurred. Posts will not be deleted because they are "lies, distortions, or half-truths"; they will be deleted because they are not in line with the community guidelines.

Depending on the severity and particulars of your offence, you may receive anything from a slap on the hand to expulsion from the community.

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Welcome to our fledgling Socialist Community.

Before we begin with…anything, I’d like to start by making the community ground rules. I’d like for you all to decide them, as you’re the community. After we all come to agreement, I’ll put it in our bio. Additionally, if any of you are artists, I would like someone to make an icon for this community.


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